Mothers Day 2013

about-mothers-dayCongratulations on your search. We’ve got you (and your Mom) covered for this special day. is your quick and easy, one-stop solution for everything celebrating Mother’s Day tradition in style.

When is Mother’s Day 2013?

In the United States, Sunday, May 12, 2013 is the can’t miss date to circle on your calendar or put into your smart phone or tablet.

The Mother’s Day holiday is widely recognized as an American invention. It was designed to honor motherhood and its influence in society. For years it has also been observed in many cultures and countries around the world on different days. Most commonly this custom happens during the spring months of March, April, and May.

But the whole world probably isn’t why you’re here. It’s about your world, your life, and the woman or women you want to show thanks and appreciation. Whether or not you are able to make this connection in person isn’t the point. What matters is to make a recognized effort the second Sunday in May to show her and remind her who she is and how much she means to you.

If you’re like many other sons and daughters, you probably need to honor this tradition as much or even more than you want. It’s a must to do it up nice for Mom on her special day…or else, right? No child even dares to go there.

Some people wonder why there’s a commercial element to holidays such as this. To that we say, your mom probably isn’t all that interested in why. She’s just wants to be remembered and included in the celebration. If you still aren’t buying this, try texting or emailing her with simply a free, “Happy Mother’s Day” message.  Go ahead. See where that gets you.

Your mother would be hurt. She likely deserves more on this one special day. She actually deserves more than one day. Besides, you’ll likely feel just as happy as she does when you show her your love and appreciation and prove you mean it.

Who doesn’t want a Happy Mother’s Day 2013? This website has conveniently gathered everything you’ll need for a successful and special holiday celebration. You’ll find information, inspiration, ideas, and resources for making your Mom feel like “Queen for a Day:”

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So whether you’re a son, daughter, husband, friend, grandparent or even a mother yourself, is here for you. We hope to be part of making this holiday celebration the best ever.

By Thomas Baldrick